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2017: The Year of the Workflow!

Posted by Nadia A. 01/06/2017

With 2016 finally behind us, we're gearing up for a new year filled with amazing new features for your forms! In 2017, we're focusing on some much-anticipated enhancements that will help boost your organization's workflow capabilities; including Bulk Entry Operations and Saved Entry Views!

Saved Entry Views

We're in the midst of making some pretty major changes to the Entries page. Check out the video below for a sneak preview of what's to come:

While it's already possible to pick which columns to show and apply filters when managing entries, you currently don't have the ability to save those settings. Rather than having to create the same views over and over again as you come back and forth to the Entries page, Saved Entry Views will allow you to name and save multiple entry views. It will also provide other tools to help your organization build repeatable business processes, such as:

  • Bulk entry operations - Perform an operation on multiple entries at one time (ex: deleting entries or updating entry statuses in bulk).


  • Sorting - Sort small datasets by specific fields (ex: sorting entries in alphabetical order based on a Name field).

  • Exporting - Export the entry data from the entries currently selected, the entries in the current view, or all fields in the current view.

  • Filtering - Filter entry data based on the current view.

As always, you can follow our progress with this release (and future releases) on our Idea Board. Plus, sign up for a free Trello account so you can vote and leave comments on the features you'd like us to work on next!

Gravatar Nadia is the Marketing Coordinator for Cognito Forms. In her spare time, Nadia enjoys listening to French house, drinking iced coffee, and talking about herself in third person.
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