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Posts From October, 2014

Getting Back to Basics: What is Cognito Forms? 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 10/28/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks

Is this your first time here? Have you seen a lot of our posts without really knowing much about us? Let's take a minute to get back to basics and catch you up!

Cognito Forms is a free online form builder...

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9 Ideas for Collecting Payments 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 10/23/2014 Categories: Collecting Payment

In case you haven't heard, we've added a ton of new features this month, including the ability to collect payments with your Cognito Forms. Here's nine great ideas that might help you get started.

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Market Spotlight: Group Management 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 10/15/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks

If you’ve ever been part of an organized group of people, whether it’s for volunteer work or simply a meeting of the minds, you know they come with their own special set of issues. Here are our solutions to some of the most common problems we’ve seen.

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Get Paid with Cognito Forms + Stripe 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 10/13/2014 Categories: Feature Release

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Stripe to bring payment options directly to Cognito Forms, eliminating the need for paper invoices and helping you get money in your pocket faster.

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