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Posts From December, 2013

What’s Cognito Forms, Our Online Forms Engine, Going to Cost? 

Posted by David D. 12/17/2013 Categories: In the News
That’s the main question we’ve been asked by users who are looking at Cognito Forms. There are other online form builders out there, of course, and plenty of free options. We think we are building a better mousetrap for the basic task of creating... read more

Announcing the Launch of Cognito Forms: a Free Online Form Builder! 

Posted by Sara G. 12/10/2013 Categories: In the News
Cognito Forms is an easy-to-use but sophisticated online form builder that you can try out today at Who are we? We are a tight-knit group of web developers and designers working in the “Famously Hot” Columbia, SC. We... read more
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