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How Do I Set Up Email Confirmations and Notifications? 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 02/12/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Email is still a crucial part of everyday business – nearly 70% of US internet users want to communicate with your business that way – so it’s no surprise that email confirmations and notifications are an important part of your online forms. I’ll... read more

Where's My Captcha? And Other Common Questions 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 02/06/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
We love user feedback, whether it comes in the form of how-to questions, feature requests or just saying hello! So when we start getting a question or two from multiple users, we like to make sure the answers are easy for everyone to find. Here are... read more

Creating Awesome Event Registrations with Cognito Forms 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 02/02/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
You’ve created the perfect event – engaging speakers, delicious catering, music to keep the party going, awe-inspiring decorations… what’s left? Getting people there, of course! Here’s a few ideas for getting the most out of your event registrations ... read more

Adobe FormsCentral to Cognito Forms Comparison 

01/30/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
We have fielded hundreds of questions through both our support team and the FormsCentral forums, asking how Cognito Forms compares to FormsCentral and what people will miss (or gain) by making the jump to our product. The following tables attempt to ... read more

FAQs for Adobe FormsCentral users 

01/29/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
How does Cognito Forms work? Please visit our help topics to get more information on how to build forms, publish your forms, and manage your form entries. Can I import my Adobe FormsCentral web form into Cognito Forms? Adobe FormsCentral is now ... read more

Import Your Web Forms from Adobe FormsCentral 

01/26/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
When Adobe announced the retirement of FormsCentral, we knew that a lot of their users would be very disappointed. If you find yourself in this situation and need to find a replacement, we created a preview and import tool that will allow you to... read more

Online Forms: Post-Submission Etiquette 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 12/04/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Imagine if every time your business missed a call, you didn’t follow up on the voicemail that was left. It could be a message from a business partner, vendor, or worse – a potential customer. What kind of damage would that do to your... read more

How to Create an Online Job Application in Less Than 60 Seconds 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 12/01/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
It takes no time at all to build an online job application, set up email notifications and embed your application into your website - for free! - with Cognito Forms. Music Credit: Epic Song (BoxCat Games) / CC BY 3.0 read more

How to Build an Online Form for Free 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 11/24/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Think of how much information you’d like to collect from your customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could collect it all online, with emails to let you know when you got new entries? And then if you were able to manage all of that data quickly and... read more

Getting Back to Basics: What is Cognito Forms? 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 10/28/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks

Is this your first time here? Have you seen a lot of our posts without really knowing much about us? Let's take a minute to get back to basics and catch you up!

Cognito Forms is a free online form builder...

... read more
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