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Adventures at MozCon 2017! 

Posted by Nadia A. 07/27/2017 Categories: Community
Held in Seattle, WA every summer, MozCon is one of the biggest digital marketing conferences in the world. This year marks MozCon's 10th anniversary, and the Cognito Forms team (aka Jennifer and I) decided to make the journey to the West Coast to... read more

Customer Spotlight: The City of Myrtle Beach 

Posted by Nadia A. 06/09/2017 Categories: Community
Renowned for its wide beaches, premier golf courses, and bustling boardwalks, the City of Myrtle Beach is a popular vacation destination that nearly 30,000 South Carolinians call home. Historically, during the summer when hundreds of thousands of... read more

2016: The Year Ahead 

Posted by Admin 01/28/2016 Categories: Community
A couple of weeks ago we looked back on 2015 nostalgically and reflected on all we have accomplished with the support and encouragement of our customers. This post looks to the future and specifically seeks your input on how we can make 2016 rock... read more

2015: Year In Review 

Posted by Jamie T. 01/13/2016 Categories: Community
2016 is upon us, and looking back, we have had a wonderful year here at Cognito Forms. Here's a quick look back as we gear up for 2016! When we launched back in December of 2013, we included a number of key features that we felt were essential to ... read more

Breaking Development Conference 2015! 

Posted by Nadia A. 06/16/2015 Categories: Community
How does one meet the challenges of creating a responsive web design that will look great on any device, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone? At the Breaking Development Conference in Nashville, our very own Product Manager Jennifer Dellacroce... read more

Thank you, ConvergeSE! 

Posted by Admin 04/20/2015 Categories: Community
We had a great time at ConvergeSE! Sharing our experiences at the conference and meeting and learning from other folks in the web design industry was an awesome break from our normal routine and is definitely something we would love to do more... read more

We Want Your Feedback! 

Posted by Jamie T. 03/03/2015 Categories: Community
Over the next six months we plan to release a number of exciting features for our customers. These are features that our customers have been clamoring for, so we know they will be appreciated, but we want to make sure we get them just right. We... read more

How We Use Trello to Manage Releases 

Posted by Jamie T. 01/29/2015 Categories: Community
DISCLAIMER: If you are interested in how our team works collaboratively to build Cognito Forms every day, then this is the post for you. If you just want to learn about how to create amazing forms, check out our help topics and our how to and... read more

Using StackExchange to Get Help with Your Cognito Forms 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 12/22/2014 Categories: Community
If you’ve got questions about Cognito Forms, there are three great ways to get answers – our Help Content, which we update with every release; our bug report and feature request forms; and our community of users and developers on... read more

How We Manage Cognito Forms Feature Requests 

Posted by Jamie T. 11/27/2014 Categories: Community
While Cognito Forms itself is only a year old, our team has been developing the approach, technologies and target features for almost five years, based on decades of web consulting experience. When we set out, we knew we wanted to create software... read more
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