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Allow users to save their progress with Save & Resume 

06/01/2015 Categories: Feature Release
Give your users the flexibility to save their response to a long form or survey, and allow them to pick up right where they left off! With our Save & Resume feature, your users can save their progress and return to the form to complete their... read more

Announcing Paid Plans for Larger Organizations 

Posted by Jamie T. 04/21/2015 Categories: Feature Release
Along with adding support for multi-user organizations, we are finally adding monthly paid plans to Cognito Forms. These are the same plans that we asked for feedback on a few weeks ago and updated to provide options that make sense for our... read more

Invite Users and Share the Management of Your Forms! 

Posted by Admin 04/21/2015 Categories: Feature Release
Up until now, your organization’s forms may have been a lonely place without the ability to allow others to login. To allow groups or businesses to have individual logins for each user or agencies to give their clients’ access to their entries, we... read more

Connect Your Cognito Forms to Almost Anything with Zapier! 

Posted by Jamie T. 03/11/2015 Categories: Feature Release Integrations
Ever since launching Cognito Forms, we constantly receive feature requests to support integrating our forms with Salesforce, Google Drive, MailChimp, OneDrive, SugarCRM, Trello, QuickBooks, DropBox—okay, you get the picture, lots of things. While we ... read more

Cognito Forms Goes Global by Going Local 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 02/10/2015 Categories: Feature Release
As we teased in last month’s series on localization, Cognito Forms is getting international! As of today, you can now set the country, language and currency for each of your forms. We’ve added support for 14 different languages, as well as 137... read more

Build More, Manage Less with Multiple Organizations 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 01/26/2015 Categories: Feature Release
Cognito Forms now supports multiple organizations under one account! And since this isn’t a common feature, we’re going to answer three questions to help you understand what this new feature means for you. Why are multiple organizations... read more

Taking on the World By Going Local, Part 3: What We Did & Did Not Do 

How We Are Localizing Cognito Forms to Reach Our International Audience
Posted by Jamie T. 01/22/2015 Categories: Feature Release
In Part 2, we dispelled three myths of localization, emphasizing the importance of not underestimating the complexity of true localization. In this final post, we will explain what we did to support localization in Cognito Forms, the problems we... read more

Beautify Your Forms With New Image Support 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 01/19/2015 Categories: Feature Release
We released a lot of new features at the end of 2014, including multi-page forms and custom email confirmations, but one feature that has flown slightly under the radar is the new ability to add images to your Cognito Forms. Adding images to your ... read more

Taking on the World By Going Local, Part 2: Localization Myths 

How We Are Localizing Cognito Forms to Reach Our International Audience
Posted by Jamie T. 01/15/2015 Categories: Feature Release
In Part 1, we discussed why we are tackling localization of Cognito Forms now, and why we initially chose to wait. In Part 2 of this series we will dispel three myths of localization, highlighting the great diversity of our world and the importance... read more

Create Custom Email Confirmations and Notifications with Your Cognito Forms 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 01/12/2015 Categories: Feature Release
You’ve been asking lately for a way to send confirmation messages to your users via email, and we’ve listened! Over the New Year holiday, we released our brand new Submission Settings, which includes custom email confirmations and the email... read more
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