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Taking on the World By Going Local, Part 2: Localization Myths 

How We Are Localizing Cognito Forms to Reach Our International Audience
Posted by Jamie T. 01/15/2015 Categories: Feature Release
In Part 1, we discussed why we are tackling localization of Cognito Forms now, and why we initially chose to wait. In Part 2 of this series we will dispel three myths of localization, highlighting the great diversity of our world and the importance... read more

Create Custom Email Confirmations and Notifications with Your Cognito Forms 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 01/12/2015 Categories: Feature Release
You’ve been asking lately for a way to send confirmation messages to your users via email, and we’ve listened! Over the New Year holiday, we released our brand new Submission Settings, which includes custom email confirmations and the email... read more

Taking on the World By Going Local, Part 1: Why Now? 

How We Are Localizing Cognito Forms to Reach Our International Audience
Posted by Jamie T. 01/08/2015 Categories: Feature Release
In this three part series, we will explain, in detail, the path we have taken to make Cognito Forms work for our international market, and for users that prefer other languages right here in the United States. This is a complex topic, so we broke it ... read more

Break it Up: Introducing Multi-Page Forms & Surveys 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 01/05/2015 Categories: Feature Release
Calling all marketers and survey builders: Cognito Forms is going multi-page! Now, you’ll be able to break up your forms and surveys into multiple pages instead of one long page, keeping your users engaged all the way to the end. Our... read more

Get Paid with Cognito Forms + Stripe 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 10/13/2014 Categories: Feature Release

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Stripe to bring payment options directly to Cognito Forms, eliminating the need for paper invoices and helping you get money in your pocket faster.

... read more

Manage Your Cognito Data in SharePoint with New List Integration 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 07/09/2014 Categories: Feature Release

By pulling Cognito Forms entries directly into SharePoint, you can use our simple, but powerful form builder while still leveraging all the great features of SharePoint lists, like versioning, workflows, search, and more.

... read more

Empower Your WordPress Site with the New Cognito Forms App 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 07/03/2014 Categories: Embedding Feature Release

By creating this app for WordPress, we’re giving users a unified experience when building and installing our simple-but-powerful forms. No knowledge of HTML is needed, meaning you’re ready to rock and roll in just a few clicks.

... read more

Cognito Forms Free Online Form Builder Gains Conditional Logic! 

Posted by Sara G. 05/30/2014 Categories: Feature Release

Conditional logic has hit Cognito Forms! This feature allows forms to show and hide or conditionally require fields based on a respondent’s answers. Let’s see how these features play out in the real world.

... read more

Rating Scales Are Now Available on Cognito Forms 

Posted by Sara G. 04/17/2014 Categories: Feature Release
The new Rating Scale feature in Cognito Forms makes creating online surveys a breeze! Rating scales, also known as Likert scales, provide a matrix of choices to allow respondents to rank statements or questions based on their level of agreement or... read more

Cognito Forms Releases Templates! 

Posted by Sara G. 03/20/2014 Categories: Feature Release
Cognito Forms‘ easy to use online form builder just got easier! Satisfy your organization’s form needs in no time at all by selecting one of our pre-made form templates. To access the templates page, simply select New Form from the Home page... read more
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