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Posts in Category: Styling & CSS

Targeting Fields with CSS on Your Embedded Forms 

Posted by Nadia A. 07/07/2017 Categories: Styling & CSS
When it comes to styling your forms, the Style Editor on the Publish page is a great place to start - but if you want to customize the appearance of your forms even further, you also have the option of directly targeting the CSS of your embedded... read more

3 Best Practices for Designing Multi-Column Forms! 

Posted by Nadia A. 11/03/2016 Categories: Styling & CSS
With the help of resizable fields, you can adjust your form fields to a variety of different widths, and even add up to six columns of fields per row. In this post, we'll talk about a couple of best practices for designing well-structured and... read more

CSS Tips and Tricks for Customizing Error Messages! 

Error: Your validation needs spicing up!
Posted by Tyler T. 09/07/2016 Categories: Styling & CSS
In this post, we're going to completely customize the look of our form's error messages with just a sprinkling of CSS. CSS is simply a set of text rules that you can write to tell browsers how to style websites. This post assumes no knowledge of... read more

Styling Required Fields with Custom CSS! 

Posted by Tyler T. 08/16/2016 Categories: Styling & CSS
Customizing the style of your required fields with some CSS is pretty simple. If you want a short intro to CSS (and Cognito Forms CSS specifically), you can refer to a post I wrote a while ago called Styling Cognito Forms with CSS. But if you have a ... read more

5 Font Combination Ideas to Dress Up Your Forms 

Posted by Tyler T. 08/02/2016 Categories: Styling & CSS
Children get a lot of joy out of shapes. Naming a triangle is a huge accomplishment, and putting a square peg in a square hole provides hours of entertainment. But as adults, having a discussion about shapes might come across as a bit childish and... read more

Beautify Your Forms with Advanced Form Styling! 

Posted by Nadia A. 05/03/2016 Categories: Feature Release Styling & CSS
Need to customize your forms to perfectly match your website? Or just want add a more personal touch? With our newest release, both designers and non-designers alike can have way more control over the appearance of their forms! In the new Style... read more

Styling Cognito Forms with CSS 

Posted by Tyler T. 12/29/2014 Categories: Styling & CSS
Take your Cognito Forms to the next level with additional styling options from CSS. Why bother with CSS? You can already style any Cognito Form by picking colors, fonts, and backgrounds in the Style Editor. It’s super simple. But if you’re... read more
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