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Cognito Forms Goes Global by Going Local 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 02/10/2015 Categories: Feature Release
As we teased in last month’s series on localization, Cognito Forms is getting international! As of today, you can now set the country, language and currency for each of your forms. We’ve added support for 14 different languages, as well as 137... read more

Where's My Captcha? And Other Common Questions 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 02/06/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
We love user feedback, whether it comes in the form of how-to questions, feature requests or just saying hello! So when we start getting a question or two from multiple users, we like to make sure the answers are easy for everyone to find. Here are... read more

Creating Awesome Event Registrations with Cognito Forms 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 02/02/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
You’ve created the perfect event – engaging speakers, delicious catering, music to keep the party going, awe-inspiring decorations… what’s left? Getting people there, of course! Here’s a few ideas for getting the most out of your event registrations ... read more

Adobe FormsCentral to Cognito Forms Comparison 

01/30/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
We have fielded hundreds of questions through both our support team and the FormsCentral forums, asking how Cognito Forms compares to FormsCentral and what people will miss (or gain) by making the jump to our product. The following tables attempt to ... read more

FAQs for Adobe FormsCentral users 

01/29/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
How does Cognito Forms work? Please visit our help topics to get more information on how to build forms, publish your forms, and manage your form entries. Can I import my Adobe FormsCentral web form into Cognito Forms? Adobe FormsCentral is now ... read more

How We Use Trello to Manage Releases 

Posted by Jamie T. 01/29/2015 Categories: Community
DISCLAIMER: If you are interested in how our team works collaboratively to build Cognito Forms every day, then this is the post for you. If you just want to learn about how to create amazing forms, check out our help topics and our how to and... read more

Import Your Web Forms from Adobe FormsCentral 

01/26/2015 Categories: Tips & Tricks
When Adobe announced the retirement of FormsCentral, we knew that a lot of their users would be very disappointed. If you find yourself in this situation and need to find a replacement, we created a preview and import tool that will allow you to... read more

Build More, Manage Less with Multiple Organizations 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 01/26/2015 Categories: Feature Release
Cognito Forms now supports multiple organizations under one account! And since this isn’t a common feature, we’re going to answer three questions to help you understand what this new feature means for you. Why are multiple organizations... read more

Taking on the World By Going Local, Part 3: What We Did & Did Not Do 

How We Are Localizing Cognito Forms to Reach Our International Audience
Posted by Jamie T. 01/22/2015 Categories: Feature Release
In Part 2, we dispelled three myths of localization, emphasizing the importance of not underestimating the complexity of true localization. In this final post, we will explain what we did to support localization in Cognito Forms, the problems we... read more

Beautify Your Forms With New Image Support 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 01/19/2015 Categories: Feature Release
We released a lot of new features at the end of 2014, including multi-page forms and custom email confirmations, but one feature that has flown slightly under the radar is the new ability to add images to your Cognito Forms. Adding images to your ... read more
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