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Customer Spotlight: We Plan You Jam 

Posted by Nadia A. 09/20/2018 Categories: Customer Spotlight
This month's customer spotlight features Nicole Phillips and her organization We Plan You Jam! Tell us a little bit about your organization! Nicole: We Plan You Jam is a boutique carnival planning service run by my brother, James, and... read more

Jamie Thomas Featured on SC Public Radio 

Posted by Ace Evans 09/19/2018 Categories: In the News
Did you hear? Our co-founder and CEO Jamie Thomas recently appeared on South Carolina Business Review. In the six-minute interview, Jamie discusses the company’s growth, global adoption and transition to an independent self-sustaining... read more

Explore Our New Fall Styles! 

Posted by Ace Evans 09/17/2018 Categories: Feature Release Style & Publish
When it comes to form styling, automation is the new black. After all, forms that seamlessly fit your brand – never go out of style. Check out these five new form design updates. They'll let your site's CSS automatically style your forms, while... read more

Patient Experience: The Case for Storing Credit Card Information 

Posted by Ace Evans 08/23/2018
Storing patient’s credit cards for future use can be a bit of a murky topic. Some medical and dental offices now require it. Some patients vehemently object to it. And there’s no one right or wrong answer for everyone. When the topic is... read more

Cognito Forms Joins New Stripe Partner Program 

Posted by Ace Evans 08/09/2018 Categories: In the News
We’re excited to be inaugural members of the new Stripe Partner Program. Through this program, our mutual customers will benefit from the combination of Cognito Forms’ powerful and intuitive form builder with Stripe’s seamless payments... read more

Customer Spotlight: Select by Productive Procurement 

Posted by Nadia A. 08/08/2018 Categories: Customer Spotlight
This month's customer spotlight features Richard Bell, developer of Select! Select uses forms that showcase many of Cognito Forms' advanced features. For example, the main bidding sheet (which you can check out in this video) takes advantage of the... read more

5 Best Practices for Storing Credit Cards on File 

Posted by Ace Evans 08/07/2018 Categories: Collecting Payment
Consumers are increasingly choosing to store their credit or debit card information with retailers for future use. As a result, more businesses are offering this convenience. But businesses beware – there are right and wrong ways to provide this ... read more

Create One Time Discounts on Your Payment Forms 

Posted by Nadia A. 08/06/2018 Categories: Collecting Payment Tips & Tricks
Discounts are a great way to encourage your customers and reward them with exciting deals. In a previous post, we highlighted three easy ways to create discounts on your payment forms, including early bird specials, volume discounts, and coupon... read more

New Feature: Card on File Payments! 

Posted by Ace Evans 08/01/2018 Categories: Collecting Payment Feature Release
Card-on-file, customer-on-file, credentials on file – whatever you call it – it’s a powerful new feature you can use to provide a better customer experience with your Cognito Forms. Easy. Click one button to store your customers’ cards with... read more

Customer Spotlight: Critical Signal Technologies 

Posted by Nadia A. 07/10/2018 Categories: Customer Spotlight
Our newest customer spotlight features Guy Smith, Technical Support Specialist with Critical Signal Technologies (CST)! CST has used Cognito Forms for over two years, and is one of the many organizations taking advantage of our HIPAA-Compliance... read more
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