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Posts From January, 2014

Snow day in Columbia, SC 

Posted by Sara G. 01/29/2014 Categories: In the News
This is a rare sight for us who live and work in famously hot Columbia, SC. We received a few inches of snow overnight, and now we have this beautiful view from our offices. read more

How-to: Create a Repeating Section using Cognito Forms’ Online Form Builder! 

Posted by Sara G. 01/23/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Repeating Sections – the gift that keeps on giving, literally. With repeating sections in Cognito Forms, you can create a container and use it to group a set of fields that repeat as needed. For example, a job applicant can enter an unlimited number ... read more

Exporting Relational/Hierarchical Data to Excel 

Posted by Jamie T. 01/23/2014 Categories: Feature Release Tips & Tricks
We recently released support for exporting form entries to Excel. Yeah, we can fill out spreadsheets! However, in this post I will explain why Cognito Forms really is not a spreadsheet-filler, and the challenges we faced to make this feature... read more

Cognito Forms Releases Three New Features! 

Posted by Sara G. 01/20/2014 Categories: Feature Release
The Cognito Forms team is ringing in the New Year with three great new features – Export, Email Notifications, and End-Point Posting! Now, you can keep track and organize what’s been happening with your online forms. Export Like to crunch... read more
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