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Posts From December, 2014

Styling Cognito Forms with CSS 

Posted by Tyler T. 12/29/2014 Categories: Style & Publish
Take your Cognito Forms to the next level with additional styling options from CSS. Why bother with CSS? You can already style any Cognito Form by picking colors, fonts, and backgrounds in the Style Editor. It’s super simple. But if you’re... read more

3 Easy Ways to Create Discounts on Payment Forms 

Posted by Jamie T. 12/18/2014 Categories: Collecting Payment
Everyone loves to buy things when they believe they are getting a good deal, and discounts are a great way to deliver deals to your customers. In this simple How-To, we’ll cover three common ways you can offer discounts to your customers using... read more

Online Forms: Post-Submission Etiquette 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 12/04/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Imagine if every time your business missed a call, you didn’t follow up on the voicemail that was left. It could be a message from a business partner, vendor, or worse – a potential customer. What kind of damage would that do to your... read more

How to Create an Online Job Application in Less Than 60 Seconds 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 12/01/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
It takes no time at all to build an online job application, set up email notifications and embed your application into your website - for free! - with Cognito Forms. Music Credit: Epic Song (BoxCat Games) / CC BY 3.0 read more
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