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Posts From April, 2014

Rating Scales Are Now Available on Cognito Forms 

Posted by Sara G. 04/17/2014 Categories: Feature Release
The new Rating Scale feature in Cognito Forms makes creating online surveys a breeze! Rating scales, also known as Likert scales, provide a matrix of choices to allow respondents to rank statements or questions based on their level of agreement or... read more

HTML5 File Uploads – Part 2: The Technology Behind the Scenes 

Posted by Jamie T. 04/10/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
In HTML5 File Uploads – Part 1, we compared Cognito Forms file upload features to the competition, clearly showing that leveraging the latest in HTML5 goodness, combined with having high expectations, can produce a great product. Now we will explore ... read more

HTML5 File Upload – Part 1: Why Cognito Forms File Uploads Rock the Competition 

Posted by Jamie T. 04/07/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Our goal with Cognito Forms is to empower anyone to easily create awesome forms. That means that when we implement a new feature, it must be both best-in-class and super intuitive so that powerful features “just work” and do not overwhelm our less... read more
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