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Posts From August, 2016

Enhancing Your Workflow with Two Stage Submissions! 

Posted by Nadia A. 08/23/2016 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Our Entry Sharing feature isn't just helpful for editing form entries after submission; it also provides an easy way to implement an advanced workflow with your forms. Using entry sharing and a bit of conditional logic, you can easily create forms... read more

Styling Required Fields with Custom CSS! 

Posted by Tyler T. 08/16/2016 Categories: Style & Publish
Customizing the style of your required fields with some CSS is pretty simple. If you want a short intro to CSS (and Cognito Forms CSS specifically), you can refer to a post I wrote a while ago called Styling Cognito Forms with CSS. But if you have a ... read more

5 Font Combination Ideas to Dress Up Your Forms 

Posted by Tyler T. 08/02/2016 Categories: Style & Publish
Children get a lot of joy out of shapes. Naming a triangle is a huge accomplishment, and putting a square peg in a square hole provides hours of entertainment. But as adults, having a discussion about shapes might come across as a bit childish and... read more
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