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HTML5 File Upload – Part 1: Why Cognito Forms File Uploads Rock the Competition 

Posted by Jamie T. 04/07/2014 Categories: Community
Our goal with Cognito Forms is to empower anyone to easily create awesome forms. That means that when we implement a new feature, it must be both best-in-class and super intuitive so that powerful features “just work” and do not overwhelm our less... read more

How-To: Creating Employment Applications with Ease Using Cognito Forms 

Posted by Sara G. 03/27/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Attention Human Resources! Need a form to collect data from job applicants? Look no further! Cognito Forms has already done the hard work for you. Our dedicated team of developers constantly research to find the best features and solutions for... read more

Cognito Forms Releases Templates! 

Posted by Sara G. 03/20/2014 Categories: Feature Release
Cognito Forms‘ easy to use online form builder just got easier! Satisfy your organization’s form needs in no time at all by selecting one of our pre-made form templates. To access the templates page, simply select New Form from the Home page... read more

Cognito Forms Online Form Builder Gains File Upload and Logos! 

Posted by Sara G. 03/10/2014 Categories: Feature Release
Keep the features rolling! Cognito Forms released two new features this week – File Uploads and Logos. File Uploads Broaden your form’s horizons with the new File Upload feature in Cognito Forms! This unique feature allows you to collect... read more

Performing a Microsoft Word Mail Merge with Cognito Forms in 6 Easy Steps 

Posted by 02/26/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Note: With the release of our document merging feature in 2016, merging your form entry data with a custom document has become even easier! As an event organizer for local technical conferences, SQL Saturdays and Code Camps, I am often faced with ... read more

How-to: Using Zapier to Send Cognito Form Entries to Trello 

Posted by 02/20/2014 Categories: Data Integration
Note: While the instructions below are still valid, our full integration with Zapier in 2015 has made connecting your Cognito Forms with your Trello account easier than ever! Cognito Forms can now send your form entries to other systems, bringing ... read more

Why We Chose Azure Table Storage over Amazon DynamoDB 

Posted by Jamie T. 02/05/2014 Categories: Community
Azure Table Storage vs. Amazon DynamoDB In creating a new cloud service, we knew using the right software platform was going to play a huge role in how successfully we could implement Cognito Apps. We needed a cost effective, scalable... read more

Snow day in Columbia, SC 

Posted by Sara G. 01/29/2014 Categories: Community
This is a rare sight for us who live and work in famously hot Columbia, SC. We received a few inches of snow overnight, and now we have this beautiful view from our offices. read more

How-to: Create a Repeating Section using Cognito Forms’ Online Form Builder! 

Posted by Sara G. 01/23/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Repeating Sections – the gift that keeps on giving, literally. With repeating sections in Cognito Forms, you can create a container and use it to group a set of fields that repeat as needed. For example, a job applicant can enter an unlimited number ... read more

Exporting Relational/Hierarchical Data to Excel 

Posted by Jamie T. 01/23/2014 Categories: Feature Release Tips & Tricks
We recently released support for exporting form entries to Excel. Yeah, we can fill out spreadsheets! However, in this post I will explain why Cognito Forms really is not a spreadsheet-filler, and the challenges we faced to make this feature... read more
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