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Manage Your Cognito Data in SharePoint with New List Integration 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 07/09/2014 Categories: Feature Release

By pulling Cognito Forms entries directly into SharePoint, you can use our simple, but powerful form builder while still leveraging all the great features of SharePoint lists, like versioning, workflows, search, and more.

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Empower Your WordPress Site with the New Cognito Forms App 

Posted by Rita Fitzgerald 07/03/2014 Categories: Feature Release Style & Publish

By creating this app for WordPress, we’re giving users a unified experience when building and installing our simple-but-powerful forms. No knowledge of HTML is needed, meaning you’re ready to rock and roll in just a few clicks.

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Calculations Part Two: Working with Repeating Sections or Tables 

Posted by Sara G. 06/25/2014 Categories: Calculations Tips & Tricks

One of the unique features of Cognito Forms is the ability to capture repeating data. Repeating data allows you to adjust the number of populated fields according to user needs, so you don’t have a fixed number of fields to only accommodate a small percentage of users.

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Calculations Part One: Unlock the Power of Cognito Forms with Calculations 

Posted by Jamie T. 06/11/2014 Categories: Calculations Tips & Tricks

Cognito Forms supports robust calculations to allow you to create really powerful customized forms. Calculations can be used to:

  • compute field values
  • set default/initial values
  • conditionally control visibility of fields and sections
  • implement rich validation, like conditionally required fields and calculated ranges
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Cognito Forms Free Online Form Builder Gains Conditional Logic! 

Posted by Sara G. 05/30/2014 Categories: Feature Release

Conditional logic has hit Cognito Forms! This feature allows forms to show and hide or conditionally require fields based on a respondent’s answers. Let’s see how these features play out in the real world.

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Cognito Forms Featured by Local IT Company, IT-oLogy 

Posted by Sara G. 05/01/2014 Categories: Community
Cognito Forms was recently featured on IT-oLogy’s technology blog! IT-oLogy is a non-profit located right here in the famously hot Columbia, South Carolina. Their focus is encouraging, educating, and growing IT talent by speaking with students,... read more

Rating Scales Are Now Available on Cognito Forms 

Posted by Sara G. 04/17/2014 Categories: Feature Release
The new Rating Scale feature in Cognito Forms makes creating online surveys a breeze! Rating scales, also known as Likert scales, provide a matrix of choices to allow respondents to rank statements or questions based on their level of agreement or... read more

HTML5 File Uploads – Part 2: The Technology Behind the Scenes 

Posted by Jamie T. 04/10/2014 Categories: Community
In HTML5 File Uploads – Part 1, we compared Cognito Forms file upload features to the competition, clearly showing that leveraging the latest in HTML5 goodness, combined with having high expectations, can produce a great product. Now we will explore ... read more

HTML5 File Upload – Part 1: Why Cognito Forms File Uploads Rock the Competition 

Posted by Jamie T. 04/07/2014 Categories: Community
Our goal with Cognito Forms is to empower anyone to easily create awesome forms. That means that when we implement a new feature, it must be both best-in-class and super intuitive so that powerful features “just work” and do not overwhelm our less... read more

How-To: Creating Employment Applications with Ease Using Cognito Forms 

Posted by Sara G. 03/27/2014 Categories: Tips & Tricks
Attention Human Resources! Need a form to collect data from job applicants? Look no further! Cognito Forms has already done the hard work for you. Our dedicated team of developers constantly research to find the best features and solutions for... read more
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