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Adding Point Values to Your Form Questions!

Posted by Nadia A. 04/04/2016 Categories: Calculations Tips & Tricks

Note: While the instructions below are still valid, you now have the ability to directly assign numeric values to Choice field options to make this process even easier!

With the help of Cognito Forms' powerful calculations, you can do anything from controlling the visibility of your fields to creating your own custom error messages. Among the plethora of scenarios you can accomplish, assigning point values to your form questions is an incredibly easy, yet very useful function for your forms.

Scoring your questions

Let's say you have a form that screens prospective tenants for your rental property. Based on how applicants answer the survey questions (such as "Have you ever owned a home?" and "Do you smoke?"), you want to compile a final score that indicates whether they meet your quality standards or not.

For example; answering "Yes" to the question of having owned a home before could earn the applicant one point, while answering "Yes"  to being a smoker will result in zero points. After they submit their application, you can use the final score to quickly evaluate how they fared on their reference check, as well as easily compare the prospective tenants.

In this example, we'll use a shortened rental application form that includes some personal information, the applicant's signature, and five basic background questions:

To create our point system, all we need is a calculation field set to the number type:

 For the calculation itself, we'll use some simple if/then statements to set the point value for each question:

=(if HowIsYourCredit = "Good" then 1 else 0) +
(if HaveYouEverOwnedAHome = "Yes" then 1 else 0) +
(if DoYouSmoke = "Yes" then 0 else 1) +
(if HaveYouEverBeenConvictedOfOrPledGuiltyOrNoContestToAFelonyOrMisdemeanor = "Yes" then 0 else 1) +
(if HaveYouEverBrokenARentalAgreementOrLease = "Yes" then 0 else 1)

You can also adjust the point values to count for as much as you want, as well as specify varying values for different options; for example, we could add an additional line that subtracts a point if the applicant has bad credit:

(if HowIsYourCredit = "Bad" then -1 else 0)

Lastly, make sure to set the Score field to only appear internally.

Tallying your results

With the ability to insert fields into the form confirmation message, you can let prospective tenants know their background check score as soon as they finish their application:

A custom confirmation message with the total score included.

You can also include a copy of the applicant's entry:

A confirmation message with a total score and a custom message included.

On the Entries page, easily view your submitted applications with their respective scores:

Or, use the advanced search option to search and filter through entries depending on their score:

Need any help with adding point values, or have any questions about Cognito Forms in general? Feel free to contact us!

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